Honey Gift Basket Ideas

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With Christmas right around the corner, we’re all busy putting together the perfect gifts for our friends and family members! Have a bee lover in mind? These honey gift basket ideas will give you some inspiration!

A honey gift basket with a jar of honey and two candles in it

Whether you are a beekeeper, know a beekeeper, or just someone who loves all things bees, a honey gift basket makes a great gift. Here are several ideas of what honey gifts to include in your basket and how to package it all up for your favorite honey lovers.

We have been keeping bees here in Alaska for several years now. We love the hobby of beekeeping along with the delicious raw honey and beeswax that we collect. Being able to share our honey with friends and family is one of my favorite parts.

If you’re a beekeeper, here are some ideas of ways to share your beekeeping harvest with others. Or if you know a beekeeper or someone who loves bees and honey, these ideas will help you put together a special gift just for them!

An image of some honey gift basket ideas, candles, a wooden honey dipper, beeswax wraps, two bee ornaments, and two lotion bars

Honey Gift Basket Ideas with Food

  • Honey- Of course, you’ll want to include some real honey! Fill beautiful glass jars or honey jars full of your homegrown honey or local honey that you can purchase at the farmer’s market. Top with a piece of bee fabric or some ribbon for a sweet touch. I typically use 4 or 8-ounce jars when gifting honey.
  • Bread- Fresh, homemade bread goes perfectly with a jar of honey! I love to bake several loaves of sourdough bread to give away with jars of honey. Then they can enjoy a drizzle of honey on some delicious bread.
  • Whipped Honey- Whipped honey is a unique way to enjoy honey in a more spreadable way. Here’s a full tutorial on how to make some. You can make your own using your honey or purchase it locally made.
  • Butter- It’s only natural to spread some butter on homemade bread before drizzling it with some honey, it’s amazing! Here’s a tutorial for making a batch of butter at home to pair with the honey and bread.
  • Honey Butter- Take the butter up a notch and make some honey butter! Simply whip soft, room-temperature butter with some honey for an amazing spread for bread or other baked goods. Include a jar of homemade honey butter for an extra delicious treat.
  • Comb Honey- Many people love to enjoy honey still in the comb. As a beekeeper, you can collect chunks of comb with honey in the cells. Or you can purchase a piece from a local beekeeper. In a small tub or jar, include some comb honey for your favorite honey lover.
A black basket with two small jars of honey, a small candle, and two lotion bars sitting outside it

Honey Gift Basket Ideas Without Food

  • Beeswax Wraps- These are so easy to make or you can purchase them at a health food store. Here’s a whole post all about them and why they’re so great! A few pieces of beeswax wrap would be fun to include with your gift.
  • Beeswax Candles- Beeswax candles are not only beautiful and delicious smelling but they’re also better for our homes. You can read all about the benefits of beeswax candles in this post. They’re easy to make at home too. I love making candles with wax that I collect from our bees! They make a beautiful gift!
  • Wooden Honey Dipper- A honey dipper goes perfectly with a little jar of honey! You can find them online or at health food stores. Go an extra step and wood burn some bee designs on it!
  • Bee Ornament- We have a few cute little honeybee ornaments on our Christmas tree. Add a little bee ornament to your gift basket for your favorite bee lover!
  • Lip Balm or Lotion Bars- Making homemade bath and beauty products using beeswax is a lot of fun and they’re full of natural ingredients. Anyone would love some beeswax lip balm, handmade soap, or a lotion bar.
  • Honey Pot- A ceramic honey pot makes a really lovely gift. They usually come with a wooden honey dipper as well. Give your recipient a small jar of honey so they can fill it up at home and have a beautiful, useful decoration on their table.
Inside a black basket lined with bee fabric and filled with a jar of honey, a wooden honey dipper, and two candles

A pretty little basket, gift boxes, or a gift bag will hold the items you choose for a sweet honey gift! And it doesn’t just have to be for Christmas! Any special occasion will work. Add some ribbon or fabric with bees on it for an extra touch.

I hope these ideas will help you make some unique gift baskets this holiday season! Whether you want to share your beekeeping bounty or make a custom gift basket for someone who loves bees, any of these items would make the perfect gift!

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