Wood Burned Gifts Kids Can Make

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With Christmas right around the corner, many of us are helping our children create special treasures to give to others. Here are some wood burned gifts that kids can make.

a wooden ornament with flowers wood burned onto it

Several years ago, our oldest daughter became interested in wood burning. We got her an inexpensive wood burner for her and she started making all kids of creations. Using wood right from our property, it basically cost nothing for her to sharpen her skills.

We eventually upgraded her to a better quality wood burner and she continues to make all kinds of things with it. Her Alaskan-themed ornaments are especially popular with family and friends.

Wood burning is a great form of art for older children and besides the initial investment of the wood burner, it costs very little. There are so many options for what a child can wood burn and give as a special gift to parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, and friends. Here are some of our daughter’s favorite wood burned gifts to make.

Wood Burned Christmas Ornament

Wood burned Christmas ornaments are an excellent gifts for kids to make. All they need is a nice log that an adult can slice into disks for them. A width of about 1/2 inch to 1 inch works best. If the child is able, they can drill the hole for the ribbon, if not, an adult can do that step as well.

You can either free hand or trace a design onto the wood. Sophia likes to use Alaskan images such as bears, moose, caribou, fireweed flowers, and salmon. She also adds little phrases such as “Merry Christmas” and the year.

The options are endless! A child could use any Christmas design or make it special for the recipient. A favorite family pet, baby’s first Christmas, or the outline of their state. They can be creative and come up with something meaningful to hang on the tree.

Add a pretty ribbon and they have the perfect gift for just about anyone. Or use it as a gift tag when wrapping presents.

a wooden Christmas ornament with a bear wood burned onto it

Wood Burned Coaster

These require a log larger in diameter and cut a little thinner, less than 1/2 an inch. They can wood burn a beautiful, larger design on it, with or without words.

A layer of clear poly stain is good to brush on these to protect them from any water damage during use.

wood burned coaster

Wood Burned Honey Dipper

Honey dippers are a bit trickier to wood burn due to their shape, but it can be done. A beautiful pattern can be added to the handle and the top of the dipper.

These have become a favorite for us since we keep our own bees and like to give small jars of our honey as gifts each year. A honey dipper wood burned by our daughter is the perfect addition to make our gift even more meaningful.

wood burned honey stick

Honey dippers can be found at health food stores or ordered online in large packs.

wood burned honey stick

Wood Burned Spoon

Everyone who enjoys cooking and baking needs wooden spoons! These make a great gift for kids to wood burn. Plain wooden spoons are inexpensive to purchase so they can whip up several to give. Although a bit tricky like the honey dippers, the spoon end is large and allows plenty of room for a design.

Pair one of these with a tea towel or homemade baked goods and you have a lovely, handmade gift to share.

wood burned gifts kids can make on a spoon

Wood Burned Sign

A sign is another way kids can wood burn a gift. Our daughter made signs for the stall doors of our Jersey milk cows. They can make signs for just about anything!

Address signs to hang on a home or mailbox, name signs to hang on a bedroom door, welcome signs for the porch, even a sign for the chicken coop or other animals. These require a larger piece of wood, depending on the type of sign and are a good way to use up scrap wood.

Wood Burned Picture Frame

Plain, wooden pictures frames are easy to find at craft supply stores and inexpensive. A unique design, with or without words, can be wood burned all around the frame. Add a favorite photo for the recipient and your child has an extra-special gift to give on Christmas.

wood burner and a picture frame

Tips for Wood Burning

  • Our daughter chooses logs from our wood stack and likes to use birch for its beautiful bark. If you don’t have logs available to you, there are plenty of other items available to wood burn at craft supply stores.
  • An adult can use a miter saw to easy cut small or medium sized logs into disks. The thickness will depend on the project but usually between 1/2 to 1 inch works best.
  • Light sanding with some sandpaper might be needed on the flat surface of the pieces of wood. Smooth wood is better for wood burning.
saw cutting a small log
  • Get a pack of black tracing paper and it will last a long time as the pieces can be used several times.
  • The child can print designs off of the computer and use the tracing paper to transfer the designs onto the wood. Then just wood burn over the tracing marks.
  • Or add your own designs by drawing with a pencil directly on the wood.
tracing an image onto wood using tracing paper
  • Of course, always be safe when using a wood burner! Be sure to unplug it immediately after use and don’t use it near any flammable materials. Follow all directions that come with your wood burner.
  • Follow these instructions to properly care for wooden kitchen utensils so they’ll last a long time.
wood burning an image onto a frame

Wood burning is a really enjoyable and inexpensive way for older children to make art as well as beautiful, unique gifts for others. There are probably so many more projects that we haven’t even thought of yet!

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