Benefits of Beeswax Candles

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Beeswax candles are not just pretty pieces of decor for the home. They are so much more! Here are the benefits of beeswax candles and why you should burn them in your home.

Most of us enjoy the soft glow of a burning candle in our homes, especially in the evenings and during the winter. I love to have candles lit on the dark, chilly days in our log home. Candles provide a feeling of warmth and relaxation.

Ever since becoming beekeepers several years ago, we have had the opportunity to collect our own beeswax. I keep a quart jar in our hive check bucket and anytime I scrape off excess wax, I place it in the jar.

Once I have a full jar, I melt it down, clean it, and save it until I’ve collected enough to use for a project.

I have come to really enjoy making natural beeswax candles for our home. And they also make very special gifts! You can find directions for hand-dipped taper candles here and homemade birthday candles here.

Beeswax candles are pricey so if you aren’t able to make your own, you might wonder why they cost so much. There are many good reasons that make them worth every penny.

Here are some benefits of beeswax candles and why you want them in your home!

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Sweet Aroma and Natural Fragrance

Cheap candles contain fragrance oil that can be especially bothersome to allergy sufferers. The natural honey aroma of pure beeswax candles fills your home with a subtle, sweet scent.

Synthetic fragrances aren’t good for any of us to breathe in! The natural honey scent of beeswax candles won’t bother those with asthma symptoms, making them a good choice.

Many who make their own beeswax candles choose to add some natural essential oils for a slightly different scent but I always prefer the floral scent of pure beeswax.

Beeswax Candles Clean the Air

Pure beeswax candles are natural air purifiers and clean the air using negative ions. They improve the air quality inside our homes!

Paraffin candles produce black soot that can leave residue on the interior surfaces of your home. They also release air pollutants and toxic compounds into the air.

Cleaner air is definitely one of the beeswax candle health benefits that should be the most important to us!

diy beeswax birthday candles in a chocolate cake

Beeswax Candles are Easy to Make

Although you can purchase beeswax candles in certain stores, they’re so easy to make! This is mainly because they only have one ingredient…pure beeswax!

Simply melt the beeswax down and either pour it into a mold, glass jars work well, or dip it to make natural candles. I enjoy making hand-dipped taper candles and sweet little birthday candles!

Be sure to only use a cotton wick as some wicks can contain chemicals that you don’t want in your wax. You can read more about my favorite candle-making supplies in this post.

Beeswax Candles Burn Brighter

Beeswax candles are from nature, therefore they burn with a bright, natural light. They also burn stronger than the types of candles sold in most stores.

The purest light of any candles, a burning beeswax candle produces a soft, warm glow that is similar to natural sunlight. The warmth that comes from beeswax candles can’t be replicated.

a homemade beeswax tapered candle

Why Beeswax Candles are Expensive

Most of the candles found in stores these days are cheap paraffin wax candles full of toxic chemicals. Even soy candles don’t always have natural ingredients.

Beeswax is harder to come by and takes bees a lot of work to produce. A pound of wax is about all that a beekeeper can collect for every one hundred pounds of honey! This makes them more costly to produce than paraffin wax candles that contain cheap ingredients.

Check your local health foods store or farmer’s market to see if anyone in your community makes beeswax candles. Be sure that any candles you purchase are labeled 100% pure beeswax! If they just say “beeswax”, they might also contain other unnecessary ingredients.

Although beeswax has a higher cost, the cost of burning toxic candles is much higher in the long run. Beeswax candles are worth every penny.

Beeswax Candles are Chemical Free

100% pure beeswax candles are chemical-free because the honey bees made the wax! The production of beeswax candles doesn’t need any chemical processing.

Paraffin candles are made through chemical processing and are hard on the environment.

Another one of the environmental benefits of beeswax candles is that they are biodegradable.

5 pillar beeswax candles in a row, benefits of beeswax candles

Beeswax Candles Have Been Used Throughout History

If you’re striving for an old-fashioned, simpler lifestyle, then beeswax candles are a natural choice! They are the oldest candles for good reason.

In ancient times, candle makers didn’t have factories, artificial dyes, or toxic ingredients. They simply used natural wax to make beautiful, practical, traditional candles.

Benefits of Beeswax Candles

Learning about each benefit of beeswax candles is amazing! This is the only type of candle that we should be burning and the simple act of switching to 100% pure beeswax candles will make a big difference in our homes because:

  • They are a natural product containing no petroleum by-product.
  • They provide stress relief and warmth to the home.
  • They are made from a renewable resource…beeswax!
  • They produce a bright light and little smoke.
  • They decrease indoor air pollution as a natural ionizer.
  • They have a longer burn time.
homemade beeswax tapered candles hanging on the wall, benefits of beeswax candles

Beeswax is incredibly interesting, just as the bees themselves are. Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby in many ways. Being able to collect some wax to make homemade, natural candles is just as sweet as the honey.

Understanding the benefits of beeswax candles has opened my eyes. I no longer burn harmful candles in our home. The only candle for us is 100% pure beeswax!

You too can enjoy the brighter light, warmth, and clean air of these beneficial candles.

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  1. As a beekeeper I can appreciate how valuable beeswax candles are. Search great information on the benefits of using them thank you.

  2. I never thought of candles as something more than a cozy source of light, thank you for sharing about their benefits, very interesting 🙂

  3. I have always wanted to know more about beeswax candles. This was very informative and helpful. I didn’t realize how harmful regular candles are. Also, did not know that beeswax candles burn brighter. So interesting! mI would love to know if you have any suggestions of where to buy beeswax if you don’t keep bees and want to try making your own candles? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Sheri! I know you can order beeswax online but be careful that’s it’s 100% pure beeswax. I like I purchase my wicks from them and I know they sell pure beeswax too!

  5. I would love to try making some of these! I didn’t realize that they actually burned brighter or cleaned the air! Thanks

  6. It’s very interesting to know that beeswax candles are natural and chemical-free. Recently, my wife and I started meditating every morning and afternoon, and we love to have candles around during our sessions, so we think this weekend we’ll get a beeswax candle to try it out. We’re grateful for your insight about choosing sustainable candles that are biodegradable.

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