Halibut Fishing in Valdez, Alaska

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My husband just returned from one of his annual fishing trips. Our freezer is now full of delicious whitefish that he brought home for us to enjoy for months to come. Halibut fishing in Valdez, Alaska is always an adventure with a tasty reward.

Halibut Fishing in Valdez Alaska

There seems to be no end to the bounty of Alaska. It provides everything that you need, and one of our favorites is fish. Alaskan whitefish such as Ling Cod, Rockfish, and Halibut, are our favorites.

When we first moved here, going out to eat and ordering halibut was a treat. We loved it. But it’s expensive and we wanted to be able to prepare it at home. So my husband started to travel to Valdez, far from where we live, to get some for us.

Now we have plenty of halibut and other whitefish filling our freezer to enjoy anytime we like. It’s so healthy and tasty and simple to prepare so we eat it regularly. This trip is important to us and although I haven’t been able to join in on the fun due to pregnancy and now a little one, I’m always excited to see photos and hear about the adventures my husband has.

Halibut Fishing in Valdez, Alaska

Valdez is in southern Alaska, about a seven-hour drive from where we live in the Interior. The drive to Valdez on the Richardson Highway is considered one of the most scenic drives in the United States. It is absolutely gorgeous with mountain views, glaciers, and waterfalls. Even if you’re not interested in fishing, the drive is still worth your time.

Visiting Valdez, Alaska

We always take our travel trailer and camp in Valdez. Although these campgrounds aren’t off in the woods, they provide a place to park and hang out in between fishing trips. Here are the ones that we have camped at:

It’s always a treat to walk around the town and take in the sights. There are bald eagles flying all around and you might see a bear or two as we have. It’s definitely a place to be sure to visit while you’re in Alaska. My husband and his buddies like to head down a day or early so they can have time to do some sightseeing.

Fishing charters need to be booked several weeks, if not a couple of months, in advance as they fill quickly. My husband and his buddies have had great experiences every year with Jaime Lynn Charters. They head out at 5:45 am and fish for over twelve hours. They work hard all day pulling huge fish out of the water and come back with about 45 pounds of fish each.

Halibut fishing in Valdez, Alaska

One of my favorite parts about this is that the fish is filleted, packaged, and frozen right there in Valdez. My husband brings it home in a cooler and it goes directly into our freezer. Less work for us which is nice because the salmon run is next and we process all of them ourselves, which is a lot of work.

Favorite Fishing Gear

Having proper gear for the various activities in Alaska is important. Especially when fishing, hunting, and camping. Here is the gear that my husband takes along on his various fishing trips:

Halibut fishing in Valdez Alaska

Cooking with Halibut

I didn’t have any experience cooking fish before moving to Alaska. In fact, I rarely ate it. I didn’t grow up eating much seafood. Now I prepare fish at least twice a week for supper. Our family loves fish and knowing that my husband worked so hard to bring it home to us makes it even better.

The few types of Alaskan whitefish are delicious when prepared in a variety of ways. Cooked over the grill, broiled in the oven, deep-fried, or sautéed, there are so many options.

Fresh halibut

We love our whitefish simply grilled with some lemon and seasonings, beer-battered and fried for a special treat, or leftover mixed into pasta or tacos. Here are some whitefish recipes that you might enjoy:

Halibut fishing is a highlight of our summers here in Alaska. We are incredibly thankful for all that this beautiful place provides for us and we enjoy every meal made from these fish. If you’re looking for an adventure to have in Alaska, halibut fishing in Valdez is one to consider.

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